Amager Strandpark Rundt Sundby Kajakklub

Detailed information

Start and finish – the base
Start and finish is situated by the boat ramp facing the big basin. The adresse is jollevej, Amager Strandpark, 2300 København S.

Acces to the island by the bridge at the intersection between Svend Vonvedsvej/Amager Strandvej. Boats and equipment may be unloaded at the turn-around spot by the base at the boat ramp. There are two minor parking lots on the island itself. Please park only within marked parking spaces and following the directives of onsite staff.

Shower and changing facilities
There are public toilets and changing facilities on the island. Shower and changing facilities at Sundby Kajakklub – Amager Strandvej 17, 2300 Kønenhavn S - and at Kajakklubben Neptun - Kastrup Strandpark 4, 2770 Kastrup - may also be used. Both clubhouses are situated approximately 15 min's by kayak / 5 minutes by car from the base.

Registration and late sign up
To register and collect your boat number please consult the registration tent on site from 10 am.

The regular sign up closes 5 days before the race. You may sign up on the day of the race between 10 and 11 am at the registration tent on site. Late sign up costs dkr. 250 or 33 euro and youths dkr. 150 or 20 euro.

Boat numbers
Pick up at the registration tent from 10 am.
Boat numbers are to be returned at the registration tent immediately after the race. A fee of dkr. 100 or 15 euro is charged if the number is not returned.

Instructions and last minute changes are given at 11 am at the boat ramp.

All classes are started at the same time off the beach at 12 noon. The boat number indicates where on the beach the boat may be placed. There is a separate space for late sign up boats. Further information at the instructions at 12 noon.

The marathon course
The marathon course of 20 km consists of 4 rounds about the island. All contestants are started off the beach (Le Mans start) and must complete portages of approximately 150 m along the beach after the first and the third round.

The course runs to the south counter clockwise round the island. It passes under 4 bridges and runs across the harbour entry to Sundby Havn at the northern part of the island. At the most eastern point of the course it passes close by a diving area.
In rough weather the course may be redirected for safety reasons, notably if there is strong winds from the east. Further details are given with the instructions at 12 noon.
Finish between two bouies by the boat ramp.

The 10K course
The 10 kilometer course runs parallel to the marathon course, but only consists of 2 rounds about the island and one portage along the beach after the first round.
When finishing please move away from the finishing line and go to the left in order to make way for marathon competitors passing through.

Safety boats
There will be at least 4 safety boats tracking the kayakers, standing by with first aid and help for competitors in distress.

Food and drink
At the base you may buy sandwiches, snacks and cold and warm drinks during and after the race.

Prize ceremony
The prize ceremony is expected to take place at 15 pm - immediately following the finish of the last competitors.

Cool T-shirts
All finishing competitors may collect the lush t-shirt of the year.

Random prizes
A number of other prized are awarded competitors from both courses at random. Check out the list by the secretariat when returning your boat number to see if you have been awarded a prize.

Protests may be submitted up to one hour after the finish. All protests must be submitted in writing accompagnied by a fee of dkr. 100 or 15 euro. The fee is refunded if the protest is sustained.



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